Great Qualitative Book & Articles: An Annotated Bibliography

This wiki allows members to contribute to an annotated bibliography of great qualitative books and articles. Please use the "Navigation" bar on the left or the "Quicklinks" below to get to other pages and then click "Edit This Page" button to add content. The hope is that people will keep it scholarly and positive, but also feel free to use the discussion tab to post questions and comments that do not belong in the text of a annotated shared bibliography.

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What is a wiki?

According to the wikipedia:

"A wiki (IPA: [ˈwɪ.kiː] <WICK-ee> or [ˈwiː.kiː] <WEE-kee>[1]) is a type of website that allows the visitors themselves to easily add, remove and otherwise edit and change some available content, sometimes without the need for registration. This ease of interaction and operation makes a wiki an effective tool for collaborative authoring. The term wiki can also refer to the collaborative software itself (wiki engine) that facilitates the operation of such a website, or to certain specific wiki sites, including the computer science site (an original wiki), WikiWikiWeb, and the online encyclopedias such as Wikipedia."